LED Balance Lamp

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This LED Balance Lamp uses an ancient and simple concept: balance. The light is activated by two balls. When you lift the lower ball, it attracts the upper one. The lower ball then hangs in perfect balance in the air, turning on the light. This almost seems like a futuristic concept and it is! Because with this innovative design it's changed the standard for lamps forever.

Harmony in any room
Thanks to its warm and unobtrusive glow, the lamp fits perfectly into any home. The smooth structure and modern shape give the lamp its calm appearance. With its soft light and soothing balance, the lamp brings harmony to your home. Whether you place the lamp in the living room, study or office, the lamp is a modern and stylish showpiece that is both beautiful and practical. The LED lights last up to 55,000 hours, so from the time of purchase you won't have to worry about losing light for the next 2,291 days.

Various colors
The lamp is made of plastic, which makes it a more affordable alternative to the other models. In addition, the lamp is available in two different colors: black and pink. So you can adjust the color of the lamp to your own interior.

Creative inspiration and a beautiful result
This LED Balance Lamp is not just a lamp, it is a work of art in itself. The Red Dot Award and the Red Dot Award Best of the Best, awards that are given annually to groundbreaking designs, has also noticed the lamp and recognized its exceptional quality. Thanks to the designer's creative mind, combined with a good dose of inspiration, the wonderful result was created: a classic concept and modern piece of art.


Dimensions: 200x400mm
✅ Power: 5W
✅ Working time: 50.000 hours
✅ Material: Plastic
Weight: 220g
Color: Multiple colors
✅ Warranty: 1 year
Body color: