Mosquito Killer Lamp UV

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Product Description:

Sleep undisturbed without mosquitoes or the noise of a mosquito repellent? Then this product is a must-have!

No more annoying mosquito bites 

With this Mosquito Killer Lamp the flying insects in your home, bedroom, caravan or garden no longer have a chance.

UV light & fan attracts flying insects
The Mosquito Repellent has a blue UV light which attracts flying insects. It also has a powerful silent fan that sucks the mosquitoes inside the container, which makes it impossible for any insect to escape!
The mosquito lamp / catcher is connected by means of a USB plug needs only 5 watts to function.

✔ Long Life LED lighting - Very quiet
✔ Range of up to 50 m² 
✔ Modern and functional design
✔ USB powered
✔ Combats mosquitoes and many other insects
✔ Very suitable for campers


✅ Certification: CE
✅ Model Number: Mosquito Killer Lamp