Electronic Piggy Bank

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✔ Kids Activity Coin Jar with Micro ATM Machine

This smart new device is the perfect training tool for children-- their first bank. It imparts financial responsibility and prepares them for a world where electronic transactions are commonplace. Savings teach kids how to be trusted keeping up with their money and, most importantly of all, thinking of the future.



✔ Teach your kids how to be financially smart!

Don't just tell them, show them! Switching over from cash, coins and bills is easier than you may think. Checking one number at the ATM is all it takes.

Teach your kid about money safety with this mini bank. Get ready for teaching life lessons that will last a lifetime

✔ You can't buy happiness

....but you can help provide it for your children by encouraging them to save from an early age on this new innovative toy that helps supply funds afterwards.



✅ Type: Saving Port
✅ Material: ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Plastic)
✅ Battery Type: 3 x AA Battery( not inludec battery, you can buy the battery from store)
✅ Suitable for 3 years and up
Password Key: The default password is 0000, which can be personalized. If you forget the password just take out the batteries and restart. The password returns to 0000
Packing List:
1 x Paper Money Piggy Bank