5 PCS Knife Set with Bag - Pirge

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With this Pirge Classic Professional Bag Knife Set you can perform the basic cutting, chopping and slicing operations in your kitchen like a professional!

✔ Stainless Steel

Hot forged, one piece, high carbon German stainless steel. Every cutting edge has been carefully sharpened and polished twice.

✔ Protection and Finesse

With finger protector bracelet and easy to use with perfect balance. POM plastic ergonomic handle structure reinforced with aluminum rivets


✅ 49001 - Classic Vegetable Knife 9 cm
✅ 49002 - Classic Fillet Knife - 16 cm
✅ 49003 - Classic Slicing Knife 18 cm
✅ 49009 - Classic Santoku Knife 18 cm
✅ 49005 - Classic Chef Knife 21 cm
✅ 81200 - Pirge 1879 Germany Masat Round No: 10
✅ Special Bond Knife Bag 5 Pieces


✔ How does Pirge craft its knives? 

Pirge buys its DIN 1.4116 plate and T5MOV conical stainless steels from Germany and France with special orders.

  • They shape their steels with a laser cutting machine and presses.
  • They perform the heat treatment of their shaped steels in 3 stages.
  • They harden their steel at 1060 ˚C in their conveyor belt heat treatment furnace. They regularly carry out hardness checks and report.
  • They increase the corrosion resistance of their hardened steel by glacial heat treatment at -80 ˚C in their liquid nitrogen-controlled furnace.
  • They perform tempering process by resting their steel with increased corrosion resistance for 2-4 hours in their 250 C furnaces. With this process, they eliminate the brittleness of their steels and provide 57 ± 1 HRC optimum hardness.
  • They carry out the grinding processes of their products whose heat treatment is completed, on our 5-axis CNC Grinding machines. By using CNC technology with a precision of 0.01mm, we deliver our products to the most suitable values according to their usage areas.
  • We carry out the polishing operations after the grinding processes. We carry out two different polishing processes, satin and glossy, in our automatic machines without manual initiative.
  • After polishing, we wash all of our products in our ultrasonic washing machine and purify them from polishing.
  • Our steels, which are prepared for handle assembly, are directed to plastic or wooden parts for handle assembly.
  • Wooden handle assembly is done by our valuable craftsmen and each product is individually controlled.
  • After our riveted plastic handles are strengthened with a rivet machine, satin polishing is carried out on our special sanding machines.
  • Our plastic injection handles are produced in our own molds, in our own injection machines.
  • After installation is complete handle our special razor blade sharpening technology used only by our company in Turkey directed our packaging department.
  • Wrapping the entire process is completed knives!

✔ Use and Care Instructions:

  1. Use a sponge or damp cloth to clean the newly purchased knives first with warm soapy water. Rinse your knives with running water in the sink and then dry them with a dry cloth.
  2. Do not use pressurized water, high temperature and heavy cleaning chemicals as they may deform the blade and handle. Therefore, we recommend that you hand wash your knives and not wash them in the dishwasher.
  3. Do not use your knives for purposes other than their intended use, such as opening canned or beverage caps, unscrewing, and drilling hard surfaces.
  4. One of the biggest reasons of the deformation that can occur in the cutting edges of the blades is cutting on the hard surface. We recommend that you use polyethylene cut sheets. Thus, the life of your knives will increase and you will have the highest level of hygiene. to. Knives and cutting boards should be cleaned and disinfected after each use.
  5. Knives should be cleaned before sharpening with masat. Since the masts are magnetic, small metal parts on the blade stick to the steel. After a few uses, the steel surface should be cleaned with a cloth using warm and soapy water. Then the screed should be wiped, removed dry g. You can place your knives on knife holder magnets that you can mount on the kitchen wall. Thus, your knives will be kept in the best way possible.
  6. We recommend that you do not throw your expired blade directly into the trash, but put it in metal recycling bins after wrapping it well in the newspaper.

✔ Recycling Information:

Pirge knives are made from recyclable materials. Every blade you throw in recycling bins can be recycled with its steel and handle, generating value for the circular economy.

Tip: please keep knives out of the reach of children.