Flying UFO Boomerang

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This amazing Flying UFO Boomerang drone is a stunning spinner toy with an ingenious invisible drive mechanism that can perform incredible art flight tricks and stunts.

For children, this is undoubtedly a fun and educational toy, develop creativity and teamwork with his friend. It is also good for your child's motor skills, this is how he learns to steer and catch this UFO spinner.

For older people it is also a fun toy, it is a perfect way to relieve stress, have fun and encourage teamwork for people in the office or for home workers.

Automatic spinning

When you hold the spinner and you rotate your hand along the frame work the UFO automatically starts spinning. This means that the spinner is ready to be thrown.

Throw it diagonally in the air and it flies back like a Boomerang. Throw it diagonally forward and the drone flies straight ahead, where the other person can catch it. Then interactively send it wherever you want to make the game more exciting. It also comes with a spinning top attachment to make it even more fun and keep it spinning on the ground!

Safety first

The exterior of the UFO is made of a soft yet sturdy plastic material called Copolymer PP, which contains ethylene to ensure that people and children are not injured by it. The UFO is also lightweight (300 grams), so it can't damage its surroundings.

Be careful with long hair, put it in a tail so it does not get stuck in the rotors!

With the colorful LED lights you never lose sight of the UFO spinner and, this makes it possible to continue playing with the UFO spinner at night which also looks very cool.


The UFO is suitable for Smart-Charging via USB connection. Within no time he is fully charged with the included USB charging cable. After this he flies again around 15 minutes in the air.


When you want to use the drone. Use your thumb and index finger to hold the drone, use your other hand to give the flywheel a spin. The drone will then turn on automatically, the LED lights will start flashing. When you throw the drone away and you point your index finger upward making you throw the drone at an angle it will automatically come back. If you hold your thumb forward you throw the drone to another person. The hard part of this super game is to grab the drone exactly with your thumb and index finger.

The spinner also has a spinning top connection that makes the UFO spin around on the ground. In short, this small toy with a size of 8.5 by 5 cm gives your children a lot of fun.


✅ Video Capture Resolution: other
✅ Aerial Photography: No
✅ Controller Mode: MODE1
✅ Controller Mode: MODE2
✅ Control Channels: 2 Channels
✅ Remote Control: No
✅ Package Includes: Original Box, Operating Instructions, USB Cable
✅ Material: Metal, Plastic
✅ Controller Battery: Inlcuded
✅ Indoor/Outdoor Use: Indoor-Outdoor
✅ Operator Skill Level: Beginner
✅ State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go
✅ Features: App-Controlled

Color: Black