High-Powered Portable Vacuum Cleaner

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✔ Cleaning made easy: Cordless & lightweight

This powerful, little vacuum will make cleaning so much easier. The handheld vacuum is cord-free which gives you more convenience to work with. It helps you to move freely wherever you need to clean up. No tangled wires and no bulky vacuum to drag along with you.

✔ Deep cleaning with ease

This small vacuum cleaner will help you to do all-around cleaning with its powerful motor and long battery life of 45 mins. This portable vacuum cleaner will clean dust, crumbs, pet hair from carpet, kitchen, living room and offices in no time, which will leave you with extra time to rest and spend with your family.

✔ Multiple useful attachments & Reusable filter

This handheld cordless vacuum is equipped with 3 different attachments to better meet your cleaning needs. The brush tool will loosen hair and dust when stuck in objects and the crevice nozzles can be used to clean sofas, crevices and corners.

This portable handheld vacuum cleaner is made with HYPA washable filters. Washing and cleaning your filter periodically will clear block filters and enhance the efficiency of your vacuum cleaner.


✔ Easy fast charging

This handled vacuum is easy to recharge. It can be charged by using your computer, power banks, or your power supply at home or in your office. It takes 3-3.5 hours to reach a full charge and will last up to 45 minutes.


Material Type: ABS
Color: Black, White
Dimensions: 24,4 x 15,7 cm
Volume: 0.2L
Net Weight: 0.36kg
Rated voltage: 7.4V
Rated power: 120W
Product suction: 8000Pa
✅ Charging time: 3.5 hours to charge

Color: White